Diamond Drill Rigs

Count on Drillmech for diamond drill conversions

Experienced, reliable machinery maintenance

When you need to take drilling on the road, call on Drillmech for drill conversions and maintenance.

Exploration is a key part of any mining project. When you’re over 2000 metres into the ground, you want to be sure that your equipment is up to the job. That’s why diamond drill conversions and maintenance are part of our core business at Drillmech.

Quality parts and in-house expertise

Whatever the ore you’re hunting for, we’ll get you sorted with a diamond drill rig that won’t quit. We’ve been converting underground drills to mobile diamond drill rigs for almost a decade now. That means our experienced tradesmen can work to your specs and deliver a superior product to get your jobs done. And thanks to our end-to-end service model, we keep your whole job in-house — preventing delays and keeping costs down.

We’re here to help you with:

  • Underground drill conversions
  • Mobile diamond drill refurbishment
  • Diamond drill repair

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