Earthmoving repairs

Get underground with Drillmech

Mid-life servicing and rebuilds for underground trucks and loaders

Underground trucks and loaders are shorter, more compact versions of their surface-dwelling cousins. But their small frames aren’t fooling anyone — they’re workhorses that make life easier for you on site.

Our mid-life assessment will keep your underground trucks and loaders on the job (and running smoothly) longer.Experienced tradesmen assess each component of your machine, identify faults and future-proof your investment.

Drillmech also rebuilds machines to your site specs. Our knowledgeable team has decades of combined experience with earth moving equipment, so your project will be cost effective, fabricated in-house and built to last.

Quality parts for quality work

We keep the shelves in our Maddington workshop stocked with common components, and we can source after-market parts to help keep costs down. You can count on Drillmech for an impeccable rebuild at a lower price

We’re here to help with:

  • CAT
  • Sandvik
  • Epiroc

Why Drillmech?

Exceptional quality

Fixed pricing

On-time delivery

Value-added insights

What we’re here to help with

Underground drills
– Inner and outer booms
– DPUs
– Rollovers

– Lift cylinders
– Steering cylinders
– Wheel ends
– Diffs/Axles
– Torque Converters
– Transmissions

– Steering cylinders
– Hoist cylinders
– Upboxes/Dropboxes
– Wheel ends