Components and service exchange

When breakdowns happen on site, there’s no time to waste

Keep work moving with immediate servicing and parts exchange

When it comes to heavy machinery, breakdowns happen. Problems can be inconvenient, time-consuming and pricey. But what really matters is how quickly your equipment gets rolling again.

If you’re keen to get up and running again in record time, you’ll love our in-house component service exchange. Experienced tradesmen in our dedicated components division provide refurbished parts as needed to keep things humming along on site.

With project delays out of the way, the Drillmech team gets to work on your repair. With years of experience, we can fix just about anything — and our quality workmanship and quick turnaround times mean that we’ve got heaps of happy clients. Thanks to our end-to-end service model, we keep everything in-house. That keeps a handle on costs as well as keeping a lid on delays.

Why Drillmech?

Exceptional quality

Fixed pricing

On-time delivery

Value-added insights

What we’re here to help with

Underground drills
– Inner and outer booms
– DPUs
– Rollovers

– Lift cylinders
– Steering cylinders
– Wheel ends
– Diffs/Axles
– Torque Converters
– Transmissions

– Steering cylinders
– Hoist cylinders
– Upboxes/Dropboxes
– Wheel ends