Surface Equipment

Repair or refurb? Drillmech’s on the job

For surface equipment that meets your mine site specifications

We’ll go over your equipment with a fine-toothed comb — ensuring a smooth ride on site for your team.

When it comes to loaders, dump trucks, graders and excavators, you expect them to do the hard yards. And when things go wrong, you’ll be looking for fast, reliable, proactive service that will get your equipment back on the job with minimal delay. That’s where Drillmech comes in. Whether you need a repair or a refurbishment, you can count on our tradesmen to fix what’s broken and identify faults that you may not have even noticed yet. Our shelves are stocked with key components so that we can get the job done quickly — keeping projects running on time.

Wide industry knowledge

Our broad client base gives us insight into site standards across the industry. So when we get our tools on your brand new or refurbished equipment, we’ll make sure that it’ll be cleared for work the moment it gets on site, no matter where it’s headed. In-house end-to-end service means no delays, reliable delivery, and workmanship that goes the distance.

We’re here to help with:

  • Repairs to surface equipment
  • Refurbishment
  • Site specs for new machinery, including: excavators, graders, loaders, trucks, any make or model.

Why Drillmech?

Exceptional quality

Fixed pricing

On-time delivery

Value-added insights

What we’re here to help with

Underground drills
– Inner and outer booms
– DPUs
– Rollovers

– Lift cylinders
– Steering cylinders
– Wheel ends
– Diffs/Axles
– Torque Converters
– Transmissions

– Steering cylinders
– Hoist cylinders
– Upboxes/Dropboxes
– Wheel ends